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After spending years working on guitars from different manufacturers and builders, we choose to find our own path for the perfect instrument.

We realized that we were surrounded by a massive diversity of woods never used for instrument manufacturing.

We started our journey of exploration finding the woods that allowed great tone, stability and comfort.

We realized that using existing designs would create extremely heavy instruments, so we started working with creative carvings to reduce the weight of the instruments even if we are only using heavy and dense woods.

There is hundreds of different woods yet to try in beautiful and sunny Panama. We intend to try them all!

We are also heavily involved with reforestation efforts ensuring the survival of our rain forest. Climate change is a proven reality and forests are the lungs of our mother earth. With Arvita foundation in Panama City we will reforest two trees per guitar sold. We will send a geotag location so you will be able to see where the tree is. Balance is embeded in the source code of NATURE, we just have to follow it like the rest of species in this planet and remember to give back.

Luis Ferro

Luis Ferro


Ork, craftsman and passionate guitar player. Built with endless determination to achieve the final objective. There is no impossible, there is only what I have to do to achieve my dreams.

Ewa Wolny

Ewa Wolny


Determination. It’s important to find your own reasons deep inside of you to change your life; to make your dreams come true; to live outside of your comfort zone; to have an impact in the world; to increase your skills; to learn something everyday; to develop yourself; and to become a better version of “you” tomorrow.

Your branding is your DNA. It defines who you are, what you do, how you look and why people like you.